Thanks for the W3C style reference. One of the subjects it deals with is content negotiation - and this got me thinking about how metadata as opposed to a resoruce that metadata is describing can be resolved. I'm going to try to dig up some more on on content negotiation subject as this may be a factor in resolving some of the requirements I have.


Noel J. Bergman wrote:

Stephen McConnell asked:

File system - a convenient and simple solution - but should a file
system driven approach be the basis for the next generation?

The basis is a URI space. Whether a URI is efficiently served by a static file, or by some servlet, CGI or Grandma Moses typing very VERY fast really should not be visible to the user-agent.

A solution must be implementation independent


The URI is a request for content.  It should not change, regardless of the
means by which the content is generated.

So why a preoccupation with meta-less file system structures as opposed
to a preoccupation with an extensible repository protocol?

The "extensible repository protocol" is HTTP. Nothing else needs to be visible. The only thing that the infrastructure team needs to deal with is the implementation of the URI space (allowing that the content addressed by a URI can vary based upon the user-agent).

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