Thinking about the sub project hierarchies, like lets say 'Depot' goes under Jakarta and it has its own sub projects like 'Ruper' and 'Version' then the repository in the form[1] will have problems accomadating them.

That said, I don't want to give up the simple fact of clear separation of "/" between the specifiers.

Does any one see a problem in this one ?

1.  product-specifier = organisation "/" project-specifier
    organisation = pchar+
    project -specifier = project ["/" project]*
    project = pchar+

* - for 0 or more


From: "Tim Anderson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Anywhere near concensus?
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 14:42:35 +1100

Is there any concensus out there that the
repository URI proposals are the right/wrong way to go?

The only sticking point I'm aware of at the moment, is
the product-specifier part of the URI, i.e,
    repository-uri = access-specifier "/" product-specifier "/"
                     version-specifier "/" artifact-specifier

1.  product-specifier = organisation "/" project
    organisation = pchar+
    project = pchar+


2.  product-specifier = path_segments

So far, form [1] seems to be preferred as it supports URI parsing.
I prefer [2] as it allows better representation of project
I'm attaching a sample repository structure for [1].
A sample for [2] can be found here:[EMAIL PROTECTED]&ms

If someone with a public webspace can extract them both (Adam?),
that would be great.



<< repoform1.tar.gz >>

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