Anou Manavalan wrote:

Thinking about the sub project hierarchies, like lets say 'Depot' goes under Jakarta and it has its own sub projects like 'Ruper' and 'Version' then the repository in the form[1] will have problems accomadating them. Any thing you can do with a "/" you can do with a "." or "/" or "_". It just makes the directory listings longer.

That said, I don't want to give up the simple fact of clear separation of "/" between the specifiers.

Does any one see a problem in this one ?

1.  product-specifier = organisation "/" project-specifier
    organisation = pchar+
    project -specifier = project ["/" project]*
    project = pchar+

* - for 0 or more

That is choice 2.

What is the algorithim for knowing when product-specifier ends and version begins?

org/project/version   is simple.  Version starts after the second "/".

If we can describe a algorothim for detecting where version begins, but still allowing people to make up there own version rules and artifact types, then I am fine with using a variable number of "/" in product-specifier.

Limiting the use of "/" in product-specifier is a trade-off that allows for large freedoms in the version and artifiact specifiers.


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