Understanding that we are at the detail level and any of this will work.
The two questions up are org/proj

allowing and/or forcing org/proj/sub-proj.

I have made the case in the past for not allowing arbitrary "/" in part names because it makes the URI hard to parse. Not hard to generate but hard to parse. For the same reason I also discourage optional dir's
For example what is the org project subproject of this http://repo.apahce.org/alpha/beta/alpha/beta/alpha/beta/alpha/jars/alpha-beta.jar

That said I am fine with manditory sub-projects. but I think we are fine without them using just
"-". eg commons-lang and commons-log

On the Orginzation part. It does seem redundant to say http://repo.apache.org/apache/
I anticipated the org part for mirrors so we would have something like http://repo.mirror.com/apache and http://repo.mirror.com/sun But we can do that anyway. It is really just a sematic thing, ie are the two URL's above part of one Apache style repository or are the two seperate repositories.

I prefer to think of them as one repository.

R, Nick

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