> The issue is... the jars/distributables are placed into the
> java-repository using maven. so, currently, if you look in
> something like the commons project.properties you'll see that
> they are pointing to the central repository for the location
> of where to "publish" files.

> The "convergence issues" we currently have for the repository:
>   1.) We want single copies of files on the mirrors.


> My best conclusion is
>  keep "jars" in the java-repository, do not keep them
>  in your /dist/<project>/<binaries> directory.  Remove all
>  [jar/zip/tar files] from the java-repository.

> symlnk the appropriate java-repository dir into their appropriate
> "dist" directory.

That sounds OK to me, but folks like Sander and others more involved in
mirroring should be put in the loop.  Everything we put under dist/ effects
100s of mirrors.

> Discussion about how to finalize the directory structure such
> that "Repository", "Dist/Mirror" and "Maven" has to move forward.

That would be good.

        --- Noel

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