Noel J. Bergman wrote:
The issue is... the jars/distributables are placed into the
java-repository using maven. so, currently, if you look in
something like the commons you'll see that
they are pointing to the central repository for the location
of where to "publish" files.

The "convergence issues" we currently have for the repository:
 1.) We want single copies of files on the mirrors.


My best conclusion is
keep "jars" in the java-repository, do not keep them
in your /dist/<project>/<binaries> directory.  Remove all
[jar/zip/tar files] from the java-repository.

symlnk the appropriate java-repository dir into their appropriate
"dist" directory.

That sounds OK to me, but folks like Sander and others more involved in
mirroring should be put in the loop.  Everything we put under dist/ effects
100s of mirrors.

Yes, I learned that the hard way when we created the contents of java-repository... that was not a happy weekend. I don't make any "rash" changes to dist any more...Only well thought out moves. But we are in a state of cleanup now as well, we have to consider what we are going to do next.

Discussion about how to finalize the directory structure such
that "Repository", "Dist/Mirror" and "Maven" has to move forward.

That would be good.

In our last discussion, I think one of the conclusions that was arrived at as well, was the idea of breaking the java-repository up into two different locations.

www/ --> nightly builds

www/ --> official releases.

the idea was that nightly/weekly builds are not things we want to see on mirrors but to be available for developers. And that official release of jars are things we want to see mirrored.

When it comes to things like the ibiblio maven repository, it would only maintain full version releases of apache projects. If your an apache project and need to be on the bleeding edge for a component, then you can simply add


as your first repository location and get your apache jars straight off the nightly builds...

The big question is how to facilitate this a build process, I think the last decision on the Jakarta Commons/General/Maven lists was that we would automate the build process for releasing the nightly jars into


And the only publishing of jars by actual humans (Release Managers) would be the full releases onto


I believe this sort of approach would be inline with the policies of the dist/mirrors.

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