I recommend we use the following location for SNAPSHOT/NIGHTLY/WEEKLY builds of jars for Apache Projects.



Mark R. Diggory wrote:

I don't believe I'm on the directory developers list, sorry.

There is absolutely no such "Requirement", You can configure your client to point at any "repository location" for downloading artifacts (ibiblio or not).

However, there is no "distributed repository" lookup mechanism in Maven whatsoever, the default configuration points only at ibiblio. So, if you want to publicize your jars for use by the world, then the greatest exposure is via ibiblio at the moment because it is the default.

Noel J. Bergman wrote:

Are you saying that in order for someone to use Maven to build the code,
they need access to project artifacts published on ibiblio?  If you are
saying that Maven forces Incubator projects to make public publication of
code, that raises some concern.

Mark, is it not possible for us to host artifacts for maven on
cvs.apache.org somewhere so that they are not put out in the public
perception as "released" code?

Yes, this is something we are in the process of setting up.

Can you work with us so that Incubator
projects can use Maven without having to push the boundaries?  Does
something like "cvs.apache.org/incubator-repository" make sense?  Please
advise.  :-)

Sort of, we need a more generic location for all apache projects


Ideally, in Jakarta-Commons for instance, there are ambitions to see a nightly/weekly automated build process actually generate such content for this repository.

Since projects don't stay in the incubator forever, I suggest you don't use it in the groupId for a incubator project. This way it can be migrated more easily to www.apache.dist/java-repository without modification of the groupId.




--- Noel

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This is not for any release but for snapshots to allow the build to happen.

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I'd like to nominate myself as the Ibiblio content manager if
that's ok with the group.  If stuff like snapshots need to go
up to Ibiblio I'll push it up on behalf of the team.  If others
would like the privilege instead let me know.

Just remember that we should not be doing any releases while in the
Incubator.  Exceptions can be voted on, with suitable tagging, but as a
normative thing, projects in the incubator don't put out releases.

--- Noel

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