On Tue, 3 May 2005, Jeffrey Liu wrote:

> I want to propose a centralized Eclipse update manager site for Apache
> projects/software. Reason I propose an Eclipse update manager site for

Would be excelent if it can be tied up with the existing dist/mirrored
infrastructure for anything 'bulk' downloads. So I guess this boils
down to

->      Lets make absolutely shure that the actual jar/tar/zip's are
        fetched from the mirred repo's.

->      what extra metadata should be added to the repository
        or somewhere else.

        And who maintains this.

->      which crowd writes and maintains the clever code which takes this
        data and populates the Eclipse update site.

In the ideal case it would extract the extra metadata from the jar/tar so
it can also be used by other similar update managers (or external things
like maven).


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