Fernando Correa Neto schreef:
 > Hey,
 >> I also have a setup with that approach. I told it to use 3.1 beta1 and
 >> it works like a charm, no problem whatsoever.
 > Did you have any problems with elementtree? repoze.errorlog requires
 >> =1.2.6 and < 1.2.7 but the plone buildout actaully gets a snapshot
 > from 1.2.7 thus causing the version conflict.

Yes. There was a 1.2.7 egg in my buildout egg cache directory that got
used. There are two solutions:

* Switch off the buildout cache (yuck).

* Add "versions = versions" to the [buildout] section of your
buildout.cfg and add the following:

elementtree = 1.2.6-20050316

That helped for me. Question is: does repoze.errorlog really need to be
so strict regarding the version?


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