Yes, I think it should live in the TG repository (I just put it in the repoze 
one because I don't have access there).

Can you let me know when you put it up there so I can give it a look?


- C

Florent Aide wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 5:31 PM, percious <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>  This year the TG clan is trying to bring the WSGI community together
>>  and have
>>  some planned sprints with host cities across the US.  While the goal
>>  is really
> [...]
> Chris (Percious and McDonough), others,
> I have played with the demo tg2 plugins the Chris McDonough posted
> earlier and I have already adapted that to use SQLAlchemy and share
> the TG2 model & dbsession instead of using raw dbapi... I need some
> cleaning and maybe adding a decorator but it's roughly finished :)
> This means I have nearly the same functionality has identity from tg1
> (I kept password encryption out for the moment but it should be
> straightforward to add this later on)
> Now we need to decide where we want to keep that code. I would be
> tempted to host those tg2whoplugins in the turbogears svn. What do you
> think ?
> I wanted to shout a great "Thank You" to Chris McDonough and hail to
> the Dawn of the Fourth Age (of python web development) :-)
> I'd like to host a sprint in Paris (France) either in April or May
> depending on who could be present...
> I'll not be able to come an sprint with you in Boulder, but I wish you
> the best during that time.
> Florent Aide.

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