I'm in the midst of rolling repoze out on our BastionLinux RPM's (at 
https://linux.last-bastion.net/LBN/up2date/plope/6 (repoze.* and zope.*) 
for *exactly* what files and versions are being shipped).

We're at zope-2.9.9, the latest release that runs up plone-2.5.x.  I've 
thus packaged up the required components on 

However, the zope.interface-3.4.0 is from a later version of Z3 than 
ships with Z2 (I think this is still at 3.3) and when zope.app.component 
from the Z2 tree is invoked through paster, it dies horribly when it 
can't find zope.interface.adapter.Surrogate - which appears to have 
vanished between releases.  Downgrading to zope.interface-3.3.0, as 
shipped with zope-2.9.9 fixes this (insofar as zope2.wsgi now runs up 
from the command line).

Similarly, the ZODB3 version (3.7.2) is later than that shipped in 
zope-2.9.9.  I don't expect any issues with this (yet at least) as I'm 
running vanilla zeo from zope-2.9.9

Is this anomaly simply due to hoping that nobody will notice if the 
Z2.10 tarballs are foisted on Z2.9 users - or indeed are these genuinely 
required, and I'm about to enter module import hell?

Note that the zope.proxy and zope.testing tarballs are similarly 
incorrect, but they too appear benign.


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