Got a brainstorming question for the repoze.zope2 folks.

Currently repoze.zope2 reuses the Zope2 ZPublisher request object pretty
much directly. This is nice for full backwards compatibility, which has
been a primary concern during its initial development.

At some point in the Zope2 or at least Plone evolution we need to switch
the request to move from passing on encoded strings to doing the Unicode
conversion of at least form data.

I think there is no graceful way of doing this. It's a binary choice of
either doing it or not. At least for Plone4 which is using repoze.zope2
we have an increasing number of cases where we use Unicode instead of
encoded strings, especially when using Zope3 technology like
zope.formlib or z3c.form.

Does anyone know of any good reason why we shouldn't switch over the
request object to something more modern and using Unicode?

It's a backwards incompatible change, but one that I'd be willing to do
and support at least on the Plone level. For Zope2 itself some more
conditional code and optional support in some places might be the more
appropriate answer.



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