Edwin Chu wrote:
> Hi all
> I am working on a project using Pylons and I need to add CMS 
> functionality to that Pylons project. I am looking for some existing 
> CMS solution that can be integrated into Pylons WSGI pipeline.
> The requirements of the CMS are basic, like editing page content, menu 
> and probably handling images. repoze.plone is the only CMS I can find 
> using WSGI standard.
> Is it possible to add repoze.plone to Pylons's WSGI pipeline so that 
> they can be ran in the same process? I googled a while but nothing 
> useful was found.

You ought to be able to do this, probably easiest way is with a paste 

As Malthe says, make sure you have an appropriate python path and run on 
Python 2.4.

I'd probably use the Plone repoze buildout as a starting point, even if 
it's a bit out of date right now. Setting up Plone with buildout is 
going to be easier than with virtualenv at this point, although 
virtualenv is definitely possible - you just need to be careful about 
how Zope gets installed.


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