Just a heads up.

BFG currently uses Routes (http://routes.groovie.org) to do URL pattern 

While fleshing out URL generation and matching support for BFG "url dispatch", 
I've come to the conclusion that it's probably a better long-term strategy to 
just write some simple regex generation stuff (maybe stolen from bobo) than to 
continue to use Routes to match and generate URLs.  The set of assumptions that 
Routes makes isn't entirely appropriate for BFG, and I've found the workarounds 
to those assumptions make the code fragile and complicated.

I'll try to not change things very much with respect to the actual pattern 
matching syntax, but I'm probably not going to release a 1.0 until BFG doesn't 
have a Routes dependency.  The syntax may need to change a bit too, to ease 

- C
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