On Thu, 2009-06-25 at 11:56 +0200, Malthe Borch wrote:
> 2009/6/25 Iain Duncan <iaindun...@telus.net>:
> > For me personally (admittedly a totally new user to zope/repoze) it's a
> > negative to have bfg moving to share fewer components with Pylons, as
> > one of the main attractions to me of bfg is it's complementary nature to
> > pylons. And conversely, one of the turn offs for me re Django as the
> > rampant not-invented-here aspect.
> Perhaps what Chris is cooking up could be split up into a separate
> package; it seems to me that the motivation is that the Routes
> implementation could be improved upon, both in terms of performance
> and code quality. I could be wrong.

That's an intriguing possibility. I've been working on a wsgi-only admin
app and was trying to figure out how to do the dispatching. Reading the
repoze docs, I think the way I was imagining the design to flesh it out
is somewhere between pylons-routes controllers and zope style traversal
to views. This dispatch tool might be very useful for such a scenario.
Or I may just do the thing in repoze and drop it into pylons projects,
lots of reading to do first.

Anyway, great mailing list and tutorials.

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