On Jul 6, 2009, at 10:42 PM, Tim Hoffman wrote:

> Hi all
> Thanks guys, I thought I was going mad,
> All your responses made it look easy to find this info which worried
> me as I am big on rtfm
> so I went back to the site to try and find the xmlrpc doc and again
> couldn't find it.
> Here is what I did ( I tend to just enter repoze.bfg into google and
> click on links - I am lazy)

Here is what I did googled:

"xmlrpc" site:docs.repoze.org

Then when I remembered the vary request type with events example I  

"application/json" site:docs.repoze.org


> I wonder if search scope could be increased to include all of the
> stuff under docs.repoze.org
> or possibly a link on the bfg.repoze.org home page or docs section
> that does link to root level docs.repoze.org saying other modules are
> available here
> I think this would help a lot trying to find stuff about the broader
> repoze.bfg ecosystem

I agree that that would be helpful. Chris, can that be done by  
updating bfgsite; index all of those docs over in /usr/local/www/ 
repoze.bfg.docs or something? I haven't really looked at how bfgsite  
is indexing things now...

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