georgehu wrote:
> Chris McDonough wrote:
>> You need something like <span tal:replace="structure request.form()"/>
> Regarding to the request.form(),  I've tried to find document explaining 
> the usage but no luck. Can you give it more explaination?

There's probably nothing in the docs about it (the docs are accurate but 
incomplete currently).

The views manufactured as a result of using the <formish:form> tag in ZCML 
construct a form, and a formish.Schema and some other stuff, and attach these 
variables to the request before invoking the "renderer" (the template).

These request attributes include:

form: the formish Form object

form_schema: the schemaish Schema object

form_controller: the form controller object itself

form_fields: the fields returned from the form controller form_fields method

form_actions: the formish actions implied by the ZCML

form_widgets: the widgets returned by the form controller form_widgets method

form_defaults: the data returned by the form controller form_defaults method

Please see repoze.bfg.formish.zcml.FormView for the implementation.

- C

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