Hi, Elliot,

Elliot Gage wrote:
> Good morning,
> I’ve been looking at bfg for some time. I am primarily a dotnet 
> developer and have a few web projects I am looking at migrating over to 
> a python framework.
> I am aware of a few frameworks already out there including django, 
> turbogears(2) and pylons. I really like the approach taken particularly 
> by pylons and now bfg.

Great, hopefully we can help.

> I have seen reference to reusing applications within other applications 
> as long as some rules are followed. For example, my apps will need a web 
> based file manager. Is it possible to create something like this that 
> can be used from within other bfg applications? Another example might be 
> an authentication and authorization framework (including edit screens 
> for users and permissions etc) that would be used by other apps I will 
> be building.

I think the reference you're talking about is here:


This reference isn't specifically talking about creating an "application" to be 
used within another "application"; instead it's referring to writing an 
application in such a way that other people can modify and extend it without 
changing its source code.  The reference is aimed at a person who wants to 
develop an application in such a way that an arbitrary consumer can download it 
  and change or extend it ("personalize" it) without needing to maintain a fork 
of the code.  In other words, people who want to develop a framework or an 
extensible application.

I think you may be overloading the word "application" in your description. 
Maybe what you really mean is that you want to develop reusable "components" 
that can be used within separate applications?  The component is not itself an 
application, it can just be used by one?

Or maybe you really do mean "application" and you want to compose a system out 
of many cooperating processes, each representing a different application, but 
appearing to the user as if it's one seamless web site?

Either thing is possible, but you may need to clarify.

- C
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