On 2/7/10 9:34 AM, Steve Schmechel wrote:
> Speaking for United States customers, the "FREE with Super Saver
> Shipping", which your book qualifies for, is better than anything
> offered on CreateSpace (even though they they are owned by Amazon).

Yes.  Apparently that doesn't help European folks though.  :-(

> I wish I would have known Amazon was going to be an option, so I
> wouldn't have had to set up a new account at CreateSpace and give out
> credit card info again.  On the other hand, maybe I am now one step
> closer to writing my own book one day :-)

For the record, Agendaless makes about 30% more on every book purchased via 
Createspace.com than they do books purchased via Amazon.com.  So apologies that 
you had to enter your credit card info into there, but if it makes you feel any 
better, you did help us 30% more. ;-)

> I'm not sure what you had to do to get the book on Amazon, but it was
> probably time well spent.  Recommending a book to someone by emailing a
> link to it's listing at Amazon, is fairly standard.  If customer reviews
> are going to be found somewhere, most of them will be at Amazon.com due
> to the size of their customer base.
> Plus, they have the whole "wish-list" system which works out nice if you
> have a birthday approaching and are hoping to convince someone else to
> buy the book for you.  ;-)

Having an "easy" Amazon.com listing was the main reason I chose Createspace 
over Lulu.  Although it's pretty much a toss-up; I think Lulu also makes sure 
you get an Amazon listing, it just may take a bit longer to get listed.  As it 
was, even with Createspace, it took 5 days or so for it to show up on Amazon 
after it was published.

- C
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