On 2/12/10 2:50 PM, Iain Duncan wrote:
> Hey, that's great news about the book.


> Do you know if it will be
> available as an e-book at all? Not sure how long that publisher would
> take to get things out of country and all. It is also quite expensive,
> but having formerly worked in the book industry I understand the many
> factors influencing price there... ;-)

Offering a PDF will be super easy; the book typesetting was done to PDF. 
Making a PDF available for download that is optimized for online reading is 
something I'll do after PyCon is over the week after next.  At this point, the 
printed book will hopefully have broken even cost-wise.

If you'd rather get a PDF rendering more quickly, you just need to 1) install 
this version of sphinx: http://bitbucket.org/chrism/sphinx/ 2) install LaTeX 3) 
type the magic commands to generate a PDF from the docs source files: "make 
latex && cd .build/latex && make all") and out will pop a PDF.

On the other hand, it will require a good amount of typsetting effort to make 
the book easy to read on an ereader like Kindle or Nook or an iPhone.  To make 
it available for Nook/iPhone, I'd need to publish it in "epub" format.  There 
is a Sphinx writer for the epub format, but its output against the current book 
source is truly miserable.  I worry a little that offering it as-is would give 
the wrong image of the content: I'd want it to be typeset better before even 
offering it for free.  There is no Sphinx Kindle writer, but there are 
utilities to convert epub to Kindle format.

I'm curious if anyone actually uses an ereader like Kindle/Nook or an epub 
reader on their iPhone like Stanza to regularly read technical publications? 
It looks like reading anything except a novel on one would be an excruciating 
exercise, at least in an emulator on my screen.

Chris McDonough
Agendaless Consulting, Fredericksburg VA
The repoze.bfg Web Application Framework Book: http://bfg.repoze.org/book
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