On 2/13/10 12:30 PM, Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Carlos de la Guardia wrote:
>> It depends on whether you plan to read the technical book front to
>> cover in one go or use it as a reference. E-book readers are not very
>> good for the latter, because it's painful to quickly "thumb through"
>> the pages of the book to find something. There's no match for a paper
>> book for that.
> Interesting. I've found the opposite with readers of my book: People
> with the text version want a PDF copy too because it's easier to search,
> but prefer to read it in hard copy.

This is where it gets confusing I think.  People call both the PDF and 
epub/Kindle formats "E-books".  It's hard to know what the term means used out 
of context.

PDF is really great for using on your computer and for searching and reading 
stuff non-linearly.  I don't know how effectively searchable epub/Kindle books 
are, but apparently they are meant to be read linearly rather than used as a 
reference.  The tools to read these formats on a desktop are primitive.

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