Am Dienstag 06 April 2010 13:13:58 schrieb Andrey Popp:
> It seems you have this application not installed in terms of
> setuptools: run `python develop`. Paste get WSGI application
> via entry point which are became active only after installing package.
Thanks a lot, i never worked with setuptools before. I had to change a few 
things, before it worked, because some imported modules had been changed in 
the actual version.

* li/ line 30 the loglevel passed expected to be an string but is an 
integer in the new version of the logger-module
* lib/ line 11 secure_form is now in webhelpers.pylonslib
I hope that was all, i'm not sure...

The appliction is running now, but i have the same problem i've had mith my 
own one - i simply connot login. The password validation itself works, i have 
no idea were the problem is. No exception, simply the message "Wrong 
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