Am Samstag 10 April 2010 17:11:46 schrieb Chris McDonough:
> I'm not sure that I remember the entire context here, but if you are using
> r.who 2.0, ensure that your "auth_tkt" plugin is both an identifier and and
> authenticator.  In r.who 1.0 this did not need to be true; in r.who 2.0,
> configurations need to change so that it is true.
> On 4/10/10 7:11 AM, Phenex wrote:
> > I really need help with this, especially because i don't think the
> > problem is there because i did somthing wrong. Repoze worked fine in the
> > older version (except the unicode thing), but now no login is possible.
> > Database is ok and password is authentified correctly. And the same
> > problem in the sample application just confirme my suspicion tht it is a
> > general issue under this constellation of the newest module versions.
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The first think i want is to get the sample-app running. As long as i don't 
have this, it dosn't make sense to search for an error in my code.
Is there no one of the developers who could try it with the newest 
repoze.who/waht versions?
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