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I am just going to blurt this out because I am thinking about it. At last 
Python Meetup Tres mentioned something about their being various ways to use
BFG on GAE… which makes me wonder: what would it take to get GAE support
from the "top down"?

I'm sure I already know the answer (well, I'll guess anyway): there is
no immediate Agendaless (or any other big BFG shop) customer need for it,
so it's not going to happen until there is.

Fair enough (we all know/understand how that works).

Which brings me to an actual question: is "marketing" BFG on GAE even
desirable by the community? In other words, is making it work on 
a platform that has wide-spread adoption like GAE (I assume it has
widespread adoption) something folks are interested in as a way to 
spread the word and inject new developers/users into the project?

Or am I just blinded by shiny toys too much.

I suspect the latter ;-)

However I'll mention I see guys like philikon (http://i-luuv.appspot.com)
and davisagli (http://buildthreat.appspot.com/) building "cool apps" on GAE 
and I can't help but wonder what it would be like if the BFG/GAE story was 
complete and in place.


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