Hi All

We (KT Studio), have a fairly significant site based on BFG (pre 1.1)
running on app engine very successfully. (www.polytechnic.wa.edu.au).
(We have other bfg based app engine apps in the pipeline). (Also about
to go live with a bobo, repoze.what and zope.component/zope.interface,
formish based app as an alternate stack)

Much of what Chris has said is spot on the mark, (though there are
emerging tools like TyphoonAE which provide
an alternate deployment to google for the app engine api).  In fact
appengine should really be thought of as an API and collection of
services that you build your application too.

We see a huge advantage in app engine if you can deal with the
restrictions of the platform because it
does remove a major area of support requirements (namely the OS,
scaling, failover and the app stack (web server, rdbms etc)).

The main things I find I have to do when building is removing things
we don't use, (paste scripts don't help much, therefor no ini files
etc.., ) , Which really means just hooking  bfg up with the wsgi

I personally think bfg offers some big advantages over Django on
appengine, though you probably have to do a little more work in some
areas, but there seems to be a bit of an impedance mis-match between
Django its ORM and App Engine.

Where as bfg just gets out of the way, but does what it does well.
Also not tying forms directly to the model is a good thing.
I really have not found myself trying to work around things in
appengine.  (Especially now we can do configuration directly in

Just my 2c ;-)


On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 1:13 AM, Charlie Clark
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> Am 05.05.2010, 17:10 Uhr, schrieb Alex Clark <acl...@aclark.net>:
>> However I'll mention I see guys like philikon (http://i-luuv.appspot.com)
>> and davisagli (http://buildthreat.appspot.com/) building "cool apps" on
>> GAE
>> and I can't help but wonder what it would be like if the BFG/GAE story
>> was complete and in place.
> Please forgive the ignorance but is actually cool about those two sites?
> Charlie
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