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Tim Hoffman wrote:
> Hi All
> We (KT Studio), have a fairly significant site based on BFG (pre 1.1)
> running on app engine very successfully. (www.polytechnic.wa.edu.au).
> (We have other bfg based app engine apps in the pipeline). (Also about
> to go live with a bobo, repoze.what and zope.component/zope.interface,
> formish based app as an alternate stack)
> Much of what Chris has said is spot on the mark, (though there are
> emerging tools like TyphoonAE which provide
> an alternate deployment to google for the app engine api).  In fact
> appengine should really be thought of as an API and collection of
> services that you build your application too.
> We see a huge advantage in app engine if you can deal with the
> restrictions of the platform because it
> does remove a major area of support requirements (namely the OS,
> scaling, failover and the app stack (web server, rdbms etc)).
> The main things I find I have to do when building is removing things
> we don't use, (paste scripts don't help much, therefor no ini files
> etc.., ) , Which really means just hooking  bfg up with the wsgi
> handler.
> I personally think bfg offers some big advantages over Django on
> appengine, though you probably have to do a little more work in some
> areas, but there seems to be a bit of an impedance mis-match between
> Django its ORM and App Engine.
> Where as bfg just gets out of the way, but does what it does well.
> Also not tying forms directly to the model is a good thing.
> I really have not found myself trying to work around things in
> appengine.  (Especially now we can do configuration directly in
> python).
> Just my 2c ;-)

To ask for another $AU .25:  can somebody point to the currently-best
docs on doing BFG on GAE?  There are a number of somewhat-contractictory
writeups out in the wild, which leads to some confusion when folks want
to try it out:  I talked to a user at the D.C. ZPUG the other night who
was intereested in evaluating it, but couldn't figure out what was
supposed to work, and how.

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