On 05/06/2010 08:49 AM, Chris McDonough wrote:
> I'm also not sure that this can be advertised as an overrides strategy
> 100% comparable to ZCML unless all the various ZCML directives get
> Python declarative equivalents.
> So.. yeah, I think there's a cool idea lurking in here, but I'm not sure
> we found it yet.

IMHO, the ZCML support for overrides is sufficient already.  If I need 
to override anything in my app, I expect to write at least 2 ZCML files.


     <scan module=".views" />
     <includeOverrides file="overrides.zcml" />


     <scan module=".overrides" />

I will put most of my views in views.py.  When ZCML detects a conflict, 
I'll move the conflicting view declarations to overrides.py.

This doesn't currently work because bfg_view decorators cause imperative 
configuration.  If bfg_view decorators caused declarative configuration 
instead, I expect that ZCML overrides would just work, as would 
automatic conflict detection.

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