I do think you are conflating form processing with db schema and the backend.

Decoupling the form processing from any form of backend is a pretty
important idea in my opinion.

>From the point of view of the form definition, I think you need to be
able to define some type
of sentinal value that indicates a field is empty, but valid if it is
not required.

I think it would be a mistake to assume that default implies either
required or optional.
It is quite feasible to have requirements where a default value is
provided for a form field
but that no value is ultimately required.  And its very common to have
required fields
with no obvious default value.

So I would personally argue that having default value, and that a
field is required or not be independent of each other.

How and what you store in the backend (what ever it is) is (if there
is one) is a whole different story.



> I'm not sure I agree with "data returned ... contain a placeholder (default) 
> value" for optionals. Does it make sense to allow using required= and 
> default= independently?
> I think I maybe be not thinking clearly enough about the distinction between 
> the form processing and validation and marshalling to the appstruct, vs. the 
> way (say) Django conflates schema and form and DB storage where a Integer 
> field could be Null in their SQL DB.  While I'd like to allow (say) an 
> Integer field to be optional, I understand the marshaller can't set a python 
> int to None -- it doesn't know or care that the backend DB would like to 
> store it as NULL for SQL or omit the field for Mongo.  I don't know if it 
> makes sense for the marshaller to set an field whose schema is Integer to 
> None if the field's marked optional and no value is supplied, or validate and 
> marshal to an int if it is supplied.
> This seems it would be a common use case so perhaps I'm thinking of it wrong, 
> or need to create subclasses like NullableInteger but that seems like I'd be 
> reinventing the wheel a bit.
> Perhaps I'm just using it wrong; how are other users handling optional 
> nonString fields?
> Thanks, Chris.
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