Hi Chris

Your description here is exactly what I would expect.

> However, that leaves this corner case, which I'm having a difficult time
> trying to reconcile:
>  n = SchemaNode(Integer(), default=1, required=True)
> I *think* this means that the "first rendering of the form will display
> a 1 in the field, but that an empty value will not be tolerated in any
> resubmission thereafter".  However, I'm not sure if that definition
> matches any sensible use of Colander outside its use as a schema system
> for Deform, and it needs to, so I'm still chewing on it.

Actually it matched app engines model.  In appengine your data storage
schema can have an integer field
but unless you set a value (default or explicitly set the value) it
actually has no value in the datastore.

So I personally see no problem with what you propose.  Also I would
suggest that if it doesn't make
sense in some other framework than Deform does it actually hurt Colander ?



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