I am using repoze.zodbconn in a BFG application but I suspect it is not 
working as it should be: as soon as multiple requests come in at the 
same time I get a lot of locking errors and broken results:

LockError: Couldn't lock 

The way I've setup repoze.zodbconn is

     from repoze.zodbconn.finder import PersistentApplicationFinder
     from myproject import appmaker
     finder = PersistentApplicationFinder(settings["zodb.url"], appmaker)
     def get_root(request):
         return finder(request.environ)
     return get_root

the get_root method then serves as the root factory for BFG. What I 
think is happening is that get_root is called for every request. 
get_root then calls the PersistentApplicationFinder which tries to open 
a new ZODB connection, which fails if another thread already has an open 
connection to the same FileStorage.

What I think should be done is to open the ZODB connection on app 
startup and only appmaker(conn.root90) per request. ZODB should then 
care of per-thread connection management itself. I see no way to 
accomplish that using the code in repoze.zodbconn, so I am wondering if 
I missed something critical or if this is indeed a bug in repoze.zodbconn.

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