On 6/25/10 20:03 , Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> The way I've setup repoze.zodbconn is
>       from repoze.zodbconn.finder import PersistentApplicationFinder
>       from myproject import appmaker
>       finder = PersistentApplicationFinder(settings["zodb.url"], appmaker)
>       def get_root(request):
>           return finder(request.environ)
>       return get_root

[.. snip ..]

> What I think should be done is to open the ZODB connection on app
> startup and only appmaker(conn.root90) per request. ZODB should then
> care of per-thread connection management itself. I see no way to
> accomplish that using the code in repoze.zodbconn, so I am wondering if
> I missed something critical or if this is indeed a bug in repoze.zodbconn.

I've rewritten my code to look like this:

     from repoze.zodbconn.uri import db_from_uri

     def get_root(request):
         return appmaker(conn.root())
     return get_root

and removed the EnvironmentDeleterMiddleware from the WSGI chain since I 
no longer put anything in environ. So far it looks like this works, but 
I'ld like some confirmation from the gurus here.

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