On 6/25/10 20:18 , Charlie Clark wrote:
> Am 25.06.2010, 20:03 Uhr, schrieb Wichert Akkerman<wich...@wiggy.net>:
>> I am using repoze.zodbconn in a BFG application but I suspect it is not
>> working as it should be: as soon as multiple requests come in at the
>> same time I get a lot of locking errors and broken results:
>> LockError: Couldn't lock
>> '/Users/wichert/Work/code/buildout/blackbox/var/Data.fs.lock'
> Hiya Wiggy,
> I've been getting similar issues when I run checks with ab on a site. I
> thought it was down to Snow Leopard's notoriously sluggish file system. Is
> this similar to your environment?

Yes, but I do not think that is the culprit. Chris convinced me that my 
reasoning was wrong: PersistentApplicationFinder does open the database 
only once and stores the database in a class instance variable, so the 
problem is elsewhere. The current thinking is that this is a race with 
multiple threads trying to open the database for the first time.

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