> 2) With the security proxy machinery I can have a view that
> conditionally displays certain HTML elements (like form fields)
> depending on the permissions that the accessing user has on the context
> object.
I too came to bfg from zope2 and zope 3 and was used to model based
however the complete disconnection of forms from models in bfg is just
fantastic ;-)

I always found that whilst forms tied to the model was nice for simple
things (ala basic crud) the minute
you had complex forms (aggregate forms, forms with no model etc) that the
tight binding of model and form was
a big pain.  Separating form from model has been a real godsend for some of
my latest projects.

I use a UML modeling tool to generate all my models and form schemas so I
tend not to write much code in these entities.

I personally think the form schema is much more about the view than the


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