>  TH> I use a UML modeling tool to generate all my models and form schemas
> so I
>  TH> tend not to write much code in these entities.
> That's interesting, any pointer/link for this specific tool?
I am using enterprise architect.   http://www.sparxsystems.com.au/  It can
actually reverse engineer and generate python, but its code lifecycle tools
really need some customising (in tool) for python.  EE will also reverse
engineer (with full roundtrip) from RDBMS, WSDL, C, Java, C++, ..... .

So I am using a code generation tool that I have written over the last few
years (for another customer, so at the moment I can't release it, but am
planning to rewrite it to target both argouml and enterprise architect).

I am currently able to generate from the xmi files the following

storm schema from a reverse engineered rdbms.
zope3 model and schema
bobo view/routes/subroutes (and some viewlet equivalents - basic zope
component multi adapter lookup of view fragments, based on context, request,
user, view)
bfg models
formish form schema.
postresql DDL.

code generation templates are based on dtml.

Conceptually its inspired by archgenxml but I found it too difficult to
repurpose archgenxml for completely different purposes.


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