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Ten Ways to Enjoy Summer
By Monica Resinger 

For a lot of us, warm sunny weather is only here 3-4 months out of the year.  
Because of this, we should put in the extra effort to enjoy it to the fullest 
while it’s here.  Here are 10 ways to do so.  

1.  Brew a pot of sun tea.  Put desired amount of tea bags in a sun tea jar 
or other glass jar, fill with water and set in the sun.  Add fresh herbs at 
this point if you wish.  Let sit in the sun until tea has reached color you 
desire.  Sweeten to taste, chill and serve over ice.  

2.  Cook on the grill whenever possible.  Not only is this a pleasant way to 
cook but you don’t heat up your kitchen and the food is delicious.

3.  Lay in the sun and read a good book.  Be sure to put your sunscreen on!

4.  Take a drive to the country, the mountains, the ocean, the desert or 
other place of nature.  Pack a picnic if you wish or stop to get hamburgers at 
small-town hamburger shop.  The burgers are much better than city fast food!

5.  Take a bike ride around your neighborhood.  Look for ideas people have 
used to decorate their yards and use them yourself.  Enjoy the blooming flowers 
and nature.  

6.  Play outdoor games.  Frisbee and badminton are great if it’s just your 
family.  If you can get a group together, try volleyball or baseball.  

7.  Pack a picnic and go fishing.  This is fun with or without a boat.  Be 
sure to bring sunscreen.  

8.  Go yard saling.  What a great way to have fun and find many bargains!  A 
lot of local and freebie papers have yard sale directories to help you map out 
a plan of action.  

9.  Have a yard sale.  Get rid of clutter and earn some cash.  Fill a cooler 
with pop and sell individual cans or have the kids sell lemonade.  

10.  Play in the water at the local pool, water park or lake.  

Above all be sure you take advantage of the warm summer months and enjoy as 
much as possible!

©, 2001, Monica Resinger

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