Article Title: Yes, I Am Very Proud
Author Name: Julie Jordan Scott
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Word Count: 442
Category: Parenting, Personal Development
Copyright Date: 2006
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Yes, I am Proud
© 2006
Julie Jordan Scott

Tammy watched Emma dance, my little 
eight-year-old-free-as-a-bird little sprite,
laughing her way through the Pre-Show
reception which is a part of the revelry for 
"Five Women Wearing the Same Dress"
at Bakersfield Community Theatre.

"You must be so proud," Tammy said,
a sigh punctuating her statement.

My eyes followed her words to watch my 
daughter as I gently held what Tammy
said in my heart.


I am incredibly proud of my daughter - and
I am exceptionally proud of myself for being 
willing to live outside the dot-to-dot, 
color-by-number life I once chose to live 
so that Emma could have a creativity role
model to affirm her own special brand of artistry.

I never in my wildest dreams thought. well, 
let me tell you the story completely.

The morning after Emma was born I held her
gainst my left shoulder, our hearts beating close
together. I watched the sun rise over the
browned-by-the-sun field behind Mercy 
Southwest Hospital.  

"I won't let you down, Emma. I will be 
here for you."  I patted her tiny back and
swayed back and forth, tears filling my eyes.

Six weeks later I was back at my job as a county
bureaucrat which I absolutely despised.  I loathed
myself as I felt I had wronged my little girl. My 
dreams of any sort of artistic life were buried 
under a morass of guilt, low self esteem and fear.

Fast forward eight years and our lives are as 
different as I ever could have imagined.

I work at home, except for when I am at the 
theatre, a shared passion in my family. It was 
first ignited by Katherine when she was
five-years-old and Emma was becoming
whole in my womb.

Today I woke at 5 A.M in order to facilitate 
a writing program I created which has more 
than 500 participants from across the globe.  

Writers writing - because I chose to create.

I smiled back at Tammy, an actor who gave
me the privilege of appearing in my play.

"Yes, I am very proud," I said.

I am proud of Emma, I am proud of myself, I 
am proud of Tammy, I am proud of the
choices I have made.

Julia Cameron said, "Whether you are 
parenting flesh-and-blood children or 
your creative child, I say play a little. 
It will change your life."

Yes. I am very proud.
= + = + = + = + = + = +
Julie Jordan Scott is a Writer, Speaker, Success Coach, Actor,
Workshop Facilitator and Mother Extraordinaire who created
the DreamActivation program to ignite your dreams. 
Use the Power of DreamWitness, Focus and Intentional
Action to live your wildest dreams now....

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