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The Seven Characteristics of Incredibly Successful Web Sites

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If you want to do business online, you need a web site.
Your web site will be your advertisement, your storefront, 
your salesperson, and your cash register! That's why it is 
so important to pay careful attention to every aspect of 
your web site's development.

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Written By:     Dan Lok
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The Seven Characteristics of Incredibly Successful Web Sites
Copyright © 2006 Dan Lok
Quick Turn Marketing International, Ltd.

If you want to do business online, you need a web site.

Your web site will be your advertisement, your storefront, your 
salesperson, and your cash register! That's why it is so 
important to pay careful attention to every aspect of your web 
site's development.

1. It has its own domain name.

Having your own domain makes your web site easier to find and 
more likely to come up in search engines.

It also demonstrates an image of stability and that your business 
is a serious one. Make sure the domain name is catchy, easy to 
remember, and suitable for your business.

Forget about .net, .org, or .biz! Everyone remembers .com more 
than .net. It's that simple. It's positioning!

A good .com domain name is going to pay for itself a thousand 
times over…faster than any .net or .org address ever could.

I know that all of the good .com domain names are gone; however, 
just get creative with your .com name. Register your domain name 
now. You should not pay more than $10 for a domain name. Shop 
around. I use

2. It has fast loading web pages.

If your web site loads slowly, your prospective clients may not 
be willing to wait and may never come back to your site. Web 
surfers are extremely impatient.

Remember that not everyone is using cable or DSL.

There are still a lot of people out there using 28.8K, 33.6K, or 
56.6K modems. Just look at how many people are using AOL's dial-
up service - 35 million members!

Unless you don't want to do business with those 35 million 
people, don't overload your web site with fancy graphics that are 
slow to load. Get out a timer and stare at your screen for 10 

It seems like forever, doesn't it?

How long does it take for your home page to load? What can you do 
to make it load faster? Bottom line: You cannot have a home page 
that loads too fast.

3. It includes an opt-in email list.

Do this as quickly as possible.

>From your home page, give your visitors a good reason to give you 
their email addresses. Offer them a free report, a free sample, a 
free newsletter, or free information updates.

Get their email addresses and their permission to contact them. 
What do you do after you capture their email addresses?

Regularly send them valuable information, offers, sales, ads, and 
more! If subscribers don't buy from you now, they might do so 
eventually. It's common to hear from new customers: "I've been 
getting your newsletter for years and figured it was time to 

A good email list collected by your web site is priceless. I know 
a consultant who generates six figures in sales every year with 
her home-grown email list.

She simply attracts people who are interested in getting the 
information, puts them on her list, and sends them good 
information on a regular basis.

Your email list becomes a continuous source of sales for you. Do 
you want to know how successful online businesses stay profitable 
year after year?

They have a good list.

Do you want to know why so many online businesses fold within 
months of starting?

They don't have a list. It's often as simple as that.

4. It targets a specific niche.

Don't try to be a jack-of-all-trades, or else you will end up 
being a master of none.

The most ineffective sites try to put together a hodgepodge of 
information on many different subjects and topics.

The key to success online is to focus.

You need to make sure that your whole web site only focuses on 
one niche market.

Don't sell computer software and Dragon Ball trading cards on the 
same site! Don't try to mix up 20 different affiliate programs on 
your site.

It simply won't work.

Don't confuse your visitors. The confused mind always says NO.

Sell one lead-generating product and get them into your marketing 
funnel so that you can offer them additional products afterwards.

Don't buy into Internet offers. Just because someone else made 
$100,000 last month with a specific product doesn't mean YOU 
should be selling it.

You can make money with anything online if you position it 

You just have to find a product that is fun for you and whose 
market you know how to target.

The most successful people are almost always the ones who have 
chosen the product they LOVE selling.

5. The pages are easy to navigate.

Your web site should be easy to navigate.

Don't make your visitors jump through hoops before you give them 
the information they need.

Make it easy for your visitors to move through your site. They'll 
stick around longer and will be more likely to visit your site 

Provide text links or icons on each page so that people can 
easily click back and forth through your site without having to 
use the "back" and "forward" buttons on their browsers. Include 
well-labeled navigation buttons along the top, bottom, or side of 
each page to allow visitors to easily return to your home page.

The same goes for making it easy for them to find your order 
forms or other product information. That's because some visitors 
may arrive at your web site at a page other than your home page.

Are you making it easy for them to find their way around the rest 
of your web site?

Check out Seth Godin's book The Big Red Fez. It is a great book 
on how to make any web site better and an excellent place for 
anyone to start.

6. It lets visitors know who the business owner is.

Include your name, company information, email address, complete 
address (not P.O. box), phone, and fax numbers.

Remember, people tend to be skeptical on the Internet. You can 
boost your credibility instantly by letting people know exactly 
who you are and how they can contact you. Real phone numbers, 
real names, and real addresses make a HUGE difference!

7. It offers a simple way to make a purchase.

Do you have a merchant account?

Do you accept all major credit cards online?

Do you have a secure ordering method?

By accepting credit cards online, you can dramatically increase 
the number of orders you receive.

I am amazed at how many web sites make it tough to order from 

You have to sign up first before you can order.

They don't accept all major credit cards. You have to go through 
10 steps to place your order. And this is at the point when you 
are trying to give them money!

You should be ready to take money from your customers in any form 
whether it is by phone, fax, online, or money orders or checks in 
the mail.

Why say no to a sale? Make it easy and fast for your customers to 
order from you. You may have heard that it's tough to get a 
merchant account. Forget about getting a merchant account from 
your local bank. They don't understand e-commerce.

If you want to know which one I use or recommend, send me an 
email. I can point you to one of the nation's largest issuers of 
merchant accounts.

Their approval rate is 99 percent. Their accounts are very easy 
to set up and very inexpensive, usually less than $100.

Spend some time and do some planning. Make sure your web site 
will deliver results!

Don't overlook these simple habits. Don't lose sight of why you 
developed your site in the first place.

Every aspect of your site should somehow contribute to your 
goal—be it to sell, inform, or simply entertain.

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