On Sonntag, 19. Juli 2015, Paul Kocialkowski wrote:
> > I *think* that actually makes u-boot build reproducibly with Debian's
> > reproducible builds toolchain when SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is set, but I
> > haven't tested it fully. I might have missed some other sources of
> > non-determinism...
> We came up with something similar last week. This is not actually
> sufficient, but close. I will submit what I have to the U-Boot mailing
> list soon (hopefully, later today), feel free to review it there and
> import it to Debian.

> Native builds don't seem realistic given the many different
> architectures that U-Boot supports, unless done with virtualisation (see
> my other email from today).
> Either way, we can always try to add a toolchain build script to U-Boot.

I agree, I also think we should test uboot with such a script, similar like we 
do for coreboot. That wouldnt need armhf buildds.

That said, making use of these armhf buildds Vagrant is planning to setup 
would also useful to test Debian packages (incl uboot) on armhf.


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