On 2015-07-28, Holger Levsen wrote:
> do you need to be cc:ed?

I am subscribed to the list as of a few weeks ago.

> On Montag, 27. Juli 2015, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
>> So I set about trying to patch u-boot and test reproducibility myself,
>> only to discover that the reproducible toolchain didn't include arm
>> packages...
> yes, we either need to make sure to manually build there in future too, or 
> setup some autobuilders...

Would it be feasible to use the same machines for that?

>> I've currently got two up and running, but it sounds like there's more
>> work to do on the backend to integrate with jenkins and other
>> infrastructure...
> yes, we need to make some changes to our infrastructure as well:
> - add scheduling for armhf
> - have jenkins jobs to prepare pbuilder chroots for armhf on these machines
> - add support for building on remote machines
> - integrate the armhf build results into the web ui

Regarding scheduling, I think we'll need a *lot* more nodes to get real
archive coverage, or maybe selectively schedule packages for builds that are
known or suspected to have architecture-specific divergence (e.g. builds
different packages on different architectures).

> how is the network connectivity? I assume we want to use a proxy, though I 
> have no idea whether one for both machines or one on each machine (though 
> with 
> 20gb diskspace there is not really space for a proxy...)

Network isn't amazingly fast, but there's a squid-deb-proxy on the local
network for package caching with ~40GB for the cache, and it could be
expanded if needed.

>> Let me know if you need access to these machines to configure them.

> yes, we need access. Preferedly root/sudo, else user ssh access (account name 
> holger for me please) and we need a jenkins users with a quite liberal 
> sudoers.d...

Will give you access and free reign to set up as you wish. :)

live well,

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