Hi Vagrant,

On Dienstag, 28. Juli 2015, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
> I am subscribed to the list as of a few weeks ago.

ok cool!
> > yes, we either need to make sure to manually build there in future too,
> > or setup some autobuilders...
> Would it be feasible to use the same machines for that?

yes, totally.
> > yes, we need to make some changes to our infrastructure as well:
> > 
> > - add scheduling for armhf
> > - have jenkins jobs to prepare pbuilder chroots for armhf on these
> > machines - add support for building on remote machines
> > - integrate the armhf build results into the web ui
> Regarding scheduling, I think we'll need a *lot* more nodes to get real
> archive coverage, or maybe selectively schedule packages for builds that
> are known or suspected to have architecture-specific divergence (e.g.
> builds different packages on different architectures).

/me nods, though I'm not too worried about this: a.) we should start with 
unstable only b.) some delay (in armhf) is acceptable as long as amd64 is 
build soon after uploads (and we can schedule interesting armhf packages 
manually too) c.) I'm sure we can add more nodes easily. I also have idling 
arm hw....
> Network isn't amazingly fast, but there's a squid-deb-proxy on the local
> network for package caching with ~40GB for the cache, and it could be
> expanded if needed.

that's totally cool! You'll need to tell the name of that proxy eventually :-)
> > yes, we need access. Preferedly root/sudo, else user ssh access (account
> > name holger for me please) and we need a jenkins users with a quite
> > liberal sudoers.d...
> Will give you access and free reign to set up as you wish. :)

cool, thanks!


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