Hi Vagrant,

On Samstag, 1. August 2015, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
> Added new machine...
> wbq0-armhf-rb.debian.net:
> Wandboard Quad, quad-core, 2GB ram, ~50GB SATA SSD
> Holger, I've added access for you with the same key, so tear it up!

cool, thanks, done :)

btw, on my first git clone this happened:

holger@wbq0:~$ git clone git://git.debian.org/git/qa/jenkins.debian.net.git
Cloning into 'jenkins.debian.net'...
fatal: unable to connect to git.debian.org:
git.debian.org[0: moszumanska.debian.org:9418]: Name or service not known

A second run that cloned successfully!

Do you agree this machine is at least double as powerful as the hb0 and rpi0?

[13:04] <      h01ger> | mapreri: re: remote building: i think we should start 
simple, and only do the 2nd build on another host, scp the results to the 
first host and run dbd there
[13:05] <      h01ger> | i'm not 100% how to do this with the three armhf 
builds, but lets start this way for amd64

because then we could maybe run 2 builds on wbq0 and do the 2nd builds on rpi0 
and hb0....


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