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>> More information on 
>>, feel free to 
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> Hi folks,
> Thank you very much for your helpful periodic email reports about
> packages reproducibility.
> However, you should be more careful about false positive FTBFS reports
> since in this case the failure came from lack of disk space in the
> autobuilder.

I would like to take the opportunity to raise the following concern. I
support the reproducible builds effort but I think the periodic e-mails
to pkg-java are often not useful enough at the moment. There are far too
many false-positives. The list should be reserved for discussing bug
reports and due the flood of reproducible e-mails it happens that one
can miss a bug report.

The reports would be most useful if they included only confirmed FTBFS
in testing. I know detecting FTBFS is only a by-product of the
reproducible build effort but those bugs are the most interesting ones
for us.

All other issues are plainly visible thanks to DDPO and the
corresponding QA pages like

There is even a column for CI/Rep.



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