On Samstag, 3. Oktober 2015, Holger Levsen wrote:
> If this doesnt happen it's almost certainly a bug in our test framework,
> but not a reproducibility issue in the package. And if the package ftbfs
> in testing, this is very sad, but IMO not appropriate to send a
> "reproducible builds project" notification for it - such problems should
> be detected elsewhere. It's nice if we gather that data, and we should
> also manually file bugs from that data, but I dont think we should
> generate automated notifications because as I tried to explain, if a
> package is fixed in sid, the fix will migrate to testing eventually. Thus
> we only really need to care about sid and testing will be good
> "automatically".

I still think the above is correct, even though there's already an exception 
found: https://reproducible.debian.net/palabos ftbfs in strech and is 
reproducible in sid.

I'm curious to understand why, but I still think this is very rare case, not 
justifying notifications for *all* (or any) ftbfs in testing. I do want them 
to be visible though, so I've just added this to TODO: "new page with packages 
which ftbfs in testing but build fine on sid".


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