And another!
Raspberry PI 2B, broadcom(?) quad-core, 1GB ram, ~60GB USB3 SATA SSD
ssh port: 2230
ssh fingerprints:
256 42:3a:92:86:e8:a9:db:2f:1e:86:9b:f2:07:fa:87:97 
/etc/ssh/ (ECDSA)
2048 d1:a8:26:2a:0a:c9:1b:67:0d:c9:48:95:23:4b:9f:31 
/etc/ssh/ (RSA)

Even though this is a quad-core, since it only has 1GB of memory, might
be worth configuring it with only as many jobs as the other machines
with 1GB of memory (but maybe with parallel=4 ?)...

In related news, upgraded odxu4 to an SSD.

live well,

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