On 2016-03-05, Holger Levsen wrote:
> On Donnerstag, 3. März 2016, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
>> This new board recognizes all 4GB of ram, yay!
>> ff4a-armhf-rb.debian.net:
>> Firefly-RK3288, quad-core rockchip 3288 (A12/A17?), 4GB ram
> yay indeed & added to jenkins!
>> Well, got eSATA working finally, so decided to run with it!
>> bbx15-armhf-rb.debian.net:
>> BeagleBoard-X15, dual-core TI AM57xx (a15), 2GB ram
> more yay & also added :)
> I've also added 8 new builder jobs for armhf to make use of them!

Thanks! Anticipating spikes in the graphs...

>> Also, all the Odroid-XU4 (odxu4*) boards now recognize all 8 cores!
>> I
>> don't know if that requires any manual configuration to take advantage
>> of them,
> yes, pbuilder uses all available cores for each build job.

Ah, looking at:


                        XXX for amd64: 18 or 17   YYY for amd64: 17 or 18 (!= 
the first build)
                        XXX for armhf: 4 or 2     YYY for armhf: 1 or 3

I guess it must just use the number of CPUs for first build, and number
of CPUs-1 for the second build (at least on armhf)?

>> or if they sould take on a few more build jobs...
> As I see it, diskspace and RAM are the limiting factors for defining the 
> number of concurrent build jobs, so I came up with this:
> #       8 jobs for quad-cores with 4 gb ram
> #       6 jobs for octo-cores with 2 gb ram
> #       6 jobs for quad-cores with 2 gb ram
> #       3 jobs for dual-cores with 1 gb ram
> #       3 jobs for quad-cores with 1 gb ram
> So no more jobs for odxu4 boards ;)

Just added bbx15, a dual-core with 2GB of ram (and relatively fast
cpus), not sure where to fit that in the picture. Maybe 4 or 5 jobs
would actually be appropriate.

> Thanks for maintaining all these nodes! It's totally awesome to get so much 
> build power and usefulness out of such a zoo of hardware and cables! 8-)

And thanks for maintaining the other side of the infrastructure! :)

live well,

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