Hi all,

> HW42:
>> Sascha Steinbiss:
>>> a) Introducing something like -ffile-prefix-map similarly to
>>> -fdebug-prefix-map to address this issue. There is already an
>>> unreviewed patch for gcc submitted by an unrelated party [3] and I
>>> could try and raise awareness for this bug with the GCC devs. However,
>>> this option would be incompatible with old compilers and hence
>>> probably not easily enabled in the default dpkg-buildflags. IMHO it
>>> would be a good thing to have though.
>> If I understood Guillem correctly he is fine with dpkg-buildflags in
>> unstable to export compiler flags which are only supported by the
>> compilers in unstable. So a new flag would be ok.
> This is my preferred approach as well. On top of [3] we should add a
> patch for GCC to use SOURCE_ROOT_DIR[*] for -ffile-prefix-map if it is
> not set on the command line.

Agreed. I have posted a follow-up messge on the bug tracker, but no
response yet. Will also ping the gcc-patches mailing list. The original
author submitted a patch [1] which seemed to have been overlooked and/or
abandoned. If I can get that discussion going again then we can suggest
this addition.


>>> [1] http://public.kitware.com/pipermail/cmake/2013-January/053114.html
>>> [2] https://paste.debian.net/806611
>>> [3] https://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=70268
>>> [4] http://ohnopub.net/~ohnobinki/bin_replace_string/

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