Darren J Moffat wrote:
> Bonnie Corwin wrote:
>> When a bug is moved to 'suspended', it is by definition available to 
>> anyone to pick up.  The original contributor can come back later and 
>> request a sponsor again or someone else can pick it up and request a 
>> sponsor.
> So what is the reason for having a suspended state in that case it seems 
> no different to back on the available list.

The reason for keeping these on the overall table was bookkeeping 
because I track and report data about contributions offered and what 
happens to them.

Would it make sense to rename this part of the table?  It really isn't 
just 'suspended'.  It's more that contributors no longer have time or 
have disappeared or have outright retracted a request.  Any of the 
reasons mean the particular bug is available for anyone else to pick up 
and work on.

What can I call it that would be more helpful?  Something like 
'Recycled: request no longer in progress; available to be worked on'?



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