Below is an update on the request-sponsor bugs. Thanks to the non-Sun
community members for submitting these bugs and fixing them and to the
Sun community members for sponsoring and integrating the fixes.

Jim G.

* Bugs fixes integrated into Nevada builds

  Build 19:

  Cyril Plisko (Sponsor: Dan Mick):
  6285828  libcfgadm doesn't search amd64 directory for plugin binaries

  Juergen Keil (Sponsor: Serge Dussud):
  6203874  ypxfrd coredumps in x86 master/SPARC slave scenarios

  Build 20:

  Shawn Walker (Sponsor: Peter Dennis):
  6269165  misleading comments in usr/src/cmd/stat/iostat/iostat.c
  6286482  remove the only occurrence of "shit" in OpenSolaris
  6231501  Typo in <sys/fem.h>
  6249704  exstr fails to close file descriptor

  Build 21:

  Jeremy Teo (Sponsor: Dan Mick):
  4997138  pn_free() should free pn_bufsize bytes

  Shawn Walker (Sponsor: Dan Mick)
  4763952  fstyp_ufs misreports cylinder group offsets
  6301610  lint errors in fstyp_ufs

* 17 Bugs outstanding and in need of a sponsor

  4970570 utility/filesystem fsdb_ufs log_head prints extent list twice
  6249695 utility/other setuname cmd calls kvm_nlist even kvm_open fails
  6249699 pam/framework PAM may access pointers after free()
  4896568 kernel/ufs mount message for remounting read-only is bogus
  6249645 library/spec2trace pass Meta_info structure by value
  4995015 kernel/ufs ufs_delete() ufs_setattr() need call TRANS_DQRELE()
  4995011 kernel/ufs mountfs error timeout is 60ms instead of 60s
  5000362 kernel/ufs struct ufsbiostats should be removed from kernel
  6227307 kernel/fs brwrite() macro broken
  5031435 utility/filesystem fsdb dumps a core with :log_otodb command
  4759320 utility/filesystem read-only UFS global mounts
  6304001 kernel/devfs devfsadmd removes the wrong device links from
  6311025 kernel/arch-x86 build_reserved_irqlist ignores irq15 info
  6311029 kernel/arch-x86 update pci interrupt line information
  4658359 network/dhcp_server dhcpmsgtype() not used
  6303675 utility/mdb help print has a small formatting error
  6312400 driver:acpi ps/2 floppy not enumerated when acpi is disabled

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