On Wed, 24 May 2006, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Eric Boutilier wrote:
>> I'm going to start drafting a proposal for this. (Bug ID 6422494)
> /usr/bin/gvim is already ARC approved and delivering RSN, so you
> should make sure you're neither duplicating or conflicting with
> that.   (It's part of LSARC 2006/280 - Sun Studio integration into
> /usr/bin.)

Alan, thanks for this -- I read over the materials and need to contact the
proposal owners with a couple questions. Some initial thoughts though...

LSARC 2006/280 proposes to deliver unbundled developer tools installed
into traditionally bundled locations (e.g.  /usr/bin). So although that
project creates new files (actually symlinks) in /usr/bin (such as gvim),
it would not be a WOS integration project, and as such (I think), would
not be included in a Solaris installation cluster. So I suppose one
possibility would be for that project to be revised slightly to
accommodate vim as well as gvim. In other words, since we've identified a
"market requirement" for vim to be in /usr/bin, wouldn't it be logical to
just have vim hitch a ride on LSARC 2006/280? The main problem there is
that a user who only wants vim would have to install the entire Sun Studio
product.  On the other hand, maybe having the Sun Studio tools installed
on their desktop is something the large majority of vim users (technical
users) are going to want anyway...?


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