Glynn Foster wrote:

> Rock - nice work guys! Anyway we can convince all the contributors so
> far to do a post mortem on the process? It might be useful to get a feel
> for how people are coping, especially so before we actually take things
> a step further with the SCM and locking down the developer process.

Bonnie and I spoke just about this, and we'd love to hear from the Sun 
sponsors or the non-Sun participants to see how it's going. It's pretty 
much a manual process right now, but if there are ways to improve it, 
we're all ears. I just sent out mail on 4 more, so we're up to 25 now. A 
milestone, I'd say. :) And we are down to only 6 requests waiting for 
sponsors. Any takers? And feedback is always welcome.

Jim Grisanzio, Community Manager, OpenSolaris

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